– All our kittens have pedigrees.
– Kittens may leave our cattery at the age of 14 weeks.
– They have appropriate veterinary care. They will be dewormed, twice vaccinated according to vaccination schedule and microchipped.
– We sign a contract with every purchaser.
– Upon the collection of the kitten the new owner will receive: pedigree, proof of registration in TICA (blue slip), book of health and a kitten starting kit consisting of wet and dry food for the first days in new home, toys and a blanket.
– The new owner will be informed how to feed, groom and care for the kitten.
– There is an opportunity to perform additional examinations of the kitten at the cost of purchaser.
– If the kitten is purchased as a pet, the purchaser agrees to castrate or spay the cat.
– Napoleon kittens will be neutered before leaving the cattery.
– The reservation of a kitten is confirmed by paying a deposit of 200€ .
– Should the buyer withdraw from the contract, the full amount of the deposit shall be forfeited for the benefit of the seller.
– If the contract will be broken from our part, the full amount of the deposit will be returned to the buyer without any delay.
– Under no circumstances will the kitten be sold or given away. In case of resignation after purchase, the cat or kitten must be returned to the breeder.
– It is important for us to find loving families for our kittens. Therefore we reserve the right to refuse to sell the kitten if the purchaser does not meet our expectations and we are not sure that he or she will be a good and caring companion for our kitten.
– We may also refuse to sell the kitten if we decide to keep him or her in our cattery. In that case the deposit will be returned to the buyer or transferred to another available kitten.
– We stay in touch with the future owners of our kittens. We inform about their development and well-being and also send photos and films.
– We can bring the kitten to the new home throughout Poland. Shipping to other countries must be settled before paying the deposit.
– We would like to stay in touch with the owners of our kittens. We will gladly advise and help. We would also be happy to receive photos and information about our kittens.